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Nicolaus Copernicus University, Torun
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XXXV Nicolaus Copernicus University Polar Expedition - summer 2009

Basic informations

Duration time:
     05 July - 08 September

Members (photos below):
     Irek Sobota (Expedition leader, glaciologist, twenty first time on Spitsbergen)
     Marek Kejna (05.07 - 11.08, climatologist, fifth time on Spitsbergen)
     Marcin Ćmielewski (hydrologist, PhD student, second time on Spitsbergen)
     Joanna Jankowska (climatologist, PhD student, first time on Spitsbergen)
     Marcin Nowak (hydrologist, Master student, first time on Spitsbergen)
     and from 11.08 till 18.08 prof. Andrzej Tretyn (biologist, Nicolaus Copernicus University Rector, second time
     on Spitsbergen) with group

     as in earlier NCU Polar Expeditions: mass balance of Kaffiøyra glaciers, ablation and outflow from glaciers,
     glacier-fed rivers regime, permafrost and climate of region. It is important to ment, that the first time in the
     NCU Polar Expeditions history the measurements of Aavatsmark Glacier summer mass balance were made.

Expedition members (click on photo to get larger)

Irek Sobota Marek Kejna Marcin Ćmielewski Joanna Jankowska Marcin Nowak Marcin Nowak


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