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Nicolaus Copernicus University, Torun
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XXXVII Nicolaus Copernicus University Polar Expedition - summer 2011

Basic informations

Duration time:
     07 July - 06 September

Members (photo below):
     Irek Sobota (03.08 - 06.09, Expedition leader, glaciologist, Nicolaus Copernicus University)
     Marek Kejna (whole expedition, climatologist, Nicolaus Copernicus University)
     Marcin Nowak (whole expedition, hydrologist, Nicolaus Copernicus University)
     Edward Łaszyca (whole expedition, meteorologist, Institute for Meteorology and Water Management)
     Sylwia Wąsowska (03.08 - 06.09, geomorphologist, University of Warsaw)
     Katarzyna Greń (03.08 - 06.09, geomorphologist, University of Warsaw)

     as in earlier NCU Polar Expeditions: mass balance of Kaffiøyra glaciers, ablation and outflow from glaciers,
     glacier-fed rivers regime, subaqual relief in the forefields of the tidewater glaciers, permafrost and climate of region.

Expedition members (staying from the left: Katarzyna Greń, Edward Łaszyca,
Marek Kejna, Sylwia Wąsowska, Irek Sobota, Marcin Nowak)


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