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Nicolaus Copernicus University, Torun
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Nicolaus Copernicus University Polar Station, Kaffiøyra (NW Spitsbergen)

Logo Hahut Nicolaus Copernicus University Polar Station is the northernmost Polish research unit. It is located in the northern part of coastal plain called Kaffiøyra (Coffee Plain), on the northwestern Spitsbergen, the biggest island in the arctic archipelago Svalbard.

Hahut (this is the name of NCU Polar Station) provides facilities for the organization of Nicolaus Copernicus Polar Expeditions. So far there were orginized thirty seven Expeditions. Members of them were scientist from both Polish and foreign research units, students, climbers, speleologists and divers.

In base on Station we conduct research mainly in glaciology, hydrology, geomorphology and climatology.

Please browse our website to get further informations.


From 5th of July of 2013 on Kaffioyra is working XXXIX N. Copernicus Polar Expedition:
1. Ireneusz Sobota - leader of expedition, glaciologist, Nicolaus Copernicus Uniwversity
2. Marcin Nowak - glaciologist, Nicolaus Copernicus Uniwversity
3. Piotr Weckwerth, geomorphologist, Nicolaus Copernicus Uniwversity
4. Katarzyn Greń, geomorphologist, Warsaw University
5. Anna Samuła, student, Institute of Visual Culture, Academy of Photography in Warsaw
6. Joanna Wibig, klimatolog, University of Łódź
7. Edward Łaszyca, meteorologist, Bydgoszcz Airport
8. Patrycja Uldanowska-Monarcha, student, Nicolaus Copernicus Uniwversity

During the expedition will be worked SPOT locator receiver (as will be switched on) and at: SPOT-HAHUT bwill be able to follow where the users are located :)

Localization of NCU Polar Station - click to enlarge
(Król M., Ćmielewski M., 2010, Sattelite Orthofotomap - Forlandsundet - Spitsbergen)

Click here to get this part of map in higher resolution
Whole map is available to download in Research section

Hahut in spring and summer time - click to get larger